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The Soldiers' Seamstress

Those tailor fitted trousers doesn't just 'happen' There' re many things that I didn't know about living in Israel. The big things you more or less expect. Such as the seasons being upside down from those in the Southern Hemisphere. and thatChristmas day is just a regular work day here in Israel. It is however the small things that you don't know that makes you feel that life in Israel is a constant learning curve. Nearly everything that has to do with raising a child in Israel, you learn as your eldest moves through the Israeli education system. Parent-teacher meetings are held in the presence of the child. My eldest daughter's first-grade teacher must have known that 'overseas' children are not brought to these meetings and just said to me at my very first meeting: "Next time bring the child too."  I also didn't know what the expected gift was for a bar/bat mitzva school friend. This is when you phone up one of the Israeli moms of