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Orange Cake

Copyright I  used to work as a kindergarten teacher in Israel as a new immigrant. Just like any kindergarten over the world we would work around some kind of subject. Sometimes we talk about the Jewish holidays but also have subjects like the seasons of the year, colors or the family. One of the major subjects of winter is...maybe you have guessed it? Israel, Jaffa...those fruit you eat in the winter? That's right...ORANGES! During the winter we celebrate oranges, anything to do with oranges and many other citrus fruit too. (Pensioners for example are addicted to grape fruit juice, here. Don't ask me why!?). And every second person in Israel is either peeling himself an orange, drinking orange juice or eating orange cake during the orange season. And of course the young'uns need to be brainwashed properly, so we talk A LOT about oranges in the kindergarten. To show their parents that we have done a good job, we send