Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buying a fridge

Yesterday we all went to go and buy a fridge for my mother-in-law. By "all" I mean me, my husband, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law. Quite a crowd, I agree. We went to the nearest city of Hadera because somebody's cousin's friend said that they have good deals there.

I planned on a nice and quiet morning of writing but when my husband asked for the third time if I am coming, I knew I am in for a boring morning. Unmarried people do not have an idea about spousal duties.

Everthing was wrong was the fridge I liked, it was too small, it is the wrong colour and the freezer part is at the bottom, not the top. Whatever, it is not my fridge. The brother-in-law had more of an idea what she likes. It has to be big so that the pots can fit inside.

Israeli's like to cook and then stick everything pot and all for later when you are hungry. Then you just take out the pot and stick it on the gas. This is home cooking. You do get freshly cooked food, but not often. Any talk about nutrients and freshness gets waived away with a hand. That is Israeli for what the heck do you know.

Back to the fridge with lots of space with pots. It is settled that it will be a cream colored Amana. No for the price. The sales lady go and phone and the brother-in-law excuses himself, he looks as if he had exhausted himself with his advice giving.

The sales lady comes back. 8400 shekels. These huge fridges are expensive! My mother-in-law does not look impressed at all. She tells the sales lady that we will go and look at other appliance shops. So of we go without a fridge, I should have stayed at home.

We drop of my mother-in-law and go and eat a plate of hummus at Hamudi the Arab hummus resatarant. As always the place is packed, the service is fast and the hummus delicious. Definitely worth offering up a morning's writing.

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