Friday, January 27, 2012

Would YOU Sit on this Couch?

A very odd couch
Awhile ago, while shopping for jeans for for my husband, I came across this very strange couch. The shop does indeed sell jeans, so I guess that the couch fits in with the theme of the place...but still, it is quite odd, is it not?

You cannot see it very clearly in the photo but the 'buttocks' parts of the couch is padded, making it stick out a bit. Sitting on this couch would bring you in close contact with a padded behind! I am really very doubtful that any customer will actually sit on this couch. As you can see, it seems as if the couch is being used more as storage place for folded jeans.

The entire time that I was in the shop, nobody sat on the couch. As a matter of fact, I think I was the only person that even approached the couch. And I only did that so that I could take a photo of it. I needed some proof to show youthat Israel can be quite the strange place sometimes!

What do you say: Would you sit on this funny couch?

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  1. A strange couch indeed! It would have been a very cool idea had they used cleaner jeans.

    1. So right! Maybe they think dirty jeans are "cooler"!