Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In and Around Bat Galim

Bat Galim's architectural landmark - white arches. And yes, of course kids and grown-ups climb on top of them.

A few weeks ago, the municipality of Bat Galim, a neighborhood in Haifa, Israel held an "Open house" for artists. Some of the art was amazing, others less so. Quite less...

But the neighborhood of Bat Galim totally charmed me. "Bat Galim" means 'daughter of the waves" and yes, it is right next to the sea.

A lot Russian immigrants live there, so they add a bit of a 'Brighton beach-feeling'. Mixed that with the  70's architecture, some amazing ancient buildings staring at the sea and the smell of the salt air and I think I have found the place where I would like retire one day!

But have a look for yourself. I think I got some really nice photos that manage to capture the place's charm.

Old, rusty and run-down, but so full of atmosphere! Bat Galim is full of these old two-story apartment blocks.

A seascape in the artist Alex's studio. If he looks out of his window, he will see the Mediterranean sea. Cool place for a person who likes to paint seascapes!
An Eritrean wedding party found a pretty spot in Bat Galim for their wedding photos.

A window that is a mirror to the sea and a wall covered with shells,

The local ice-cream place, note the rounded corners of the building.

A patriotic succa - a little hut that is made during the Jewish Succot holiday.

Some of the more odd art that I came across on the "Open house for Artists".

The view across the bay.

A fisheman's bicycle.

A couple who found a quiet spot on the beach - note the sand that has been raked. Israeli beaches are raked every morning for explosives and other nasty things.

Scandinavian house - architecture from the turn of the century. This old house is a meeting place for travelers from Scandinavian countries.

Some more beautiful art. Each 'shell' costs about a thousand shekels, so my kids could not go near, though they really wanted to touch the shells!

One last look - good bye Bat Galim - thanks for the lovely time!


  1. This was interesting for me, as I was in Bat Galim in '73, in ulpan

    1. Has it changed much? From what you can see in the photos?

    2. I was in Ulpan Bat Galim from May 1971 - Sept. It was a former barrack from the British. Met many great people there making aliya. Email me if you were there.

    3. Me too! I was there March 1971 for five months. Had a great time and met some great people but decided Israel was not for me. I was only 19 and was terribly homesick