Monday, June 10, 2013

You know you live in Israel....

You know that you are living in Israel when:

You get off your bicycle every five minutes to photograph the wild flowers.

The red poppies in the spring time have their photos taken ALL the time.

Road signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English

Garlic is an essential ingredient in just about EVERYTHING that you cook..and lots of it too.

People can peacefully sleep in Rotschild street (the most upmarket street in Tel-Aviv) to protest against the exorbitant living costs. They were not very successful by the way, but at least nobody got hurt.

The numbers on clock faces are in Hebrew letters and not Roman numbers.

There is Arabic graffiti on trees (I have seen Hebrew graffiti too on trees). This photo was taken in the Ramat haNadiv reserve.

This was quite fun, wasn't it? I shall definitely write more blog posts like these...just watch this space!

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