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The Amazing Metal Work found in Israel

The architecture found in Israel is pretty amazing.

People have been building here in the Holy land since ancient times. And they left some pretty amazing buildings from the times that they lived here in Israel.

From the Western wall in Jerusalem, churches,synagogues, museums to apartment blocks build in the Bauhaus style - there is some pretty interesting buildings to see. And while you look around you a bit and try and figure who and when these buildings were build, have a look at the amazing metal work found here in Israel.

Modern balcony railing

A beautiful old building with a beautiful old railing

Like mascara for building - the railings just make these balconies so much prettier

The older type of building (built around the 1900's) have the most beautifully made and intricate balcony railings. And older houses will often show off an interesting gate or fence.

But even the modern buildings have beautiful railings, though most probably mass-produced. And probably also imported.

Metal bunch of grapes found inside a gate.

Something pretty to hold up the grape vines
But still - there seems to be a tradition of beautiful metal work here in Israel. I often wonder if there was a special metal work guild here that took pride in using the most intricate and amazing patterns. Did the old metal workers had fierce competition between them to be as creative as possible?

I really do not have the answers, but I still enjoy looking at the metal art that they have left behind.

If you come for a visit and tour around the country, keep an eye open for amazing metal work that enhances the buildings and houses here.

Someone who took care and had lots of patience built this beautiful railing.


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