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About me and about cookies

Hi to the amazing person reading my blog!

A bit about me

I am grew up in South Africa and now live in Israel with my husband and two daughters. I have always liked writing and used to write letters to my family about my life here in Israel. They were however not all that diligent to reply back :( .  So I decided to write about my experiences in a blog instead. 

That is also why I call this blog "A Letter from Israel". My main aim is to write is to write chatting blog posts about life in Israel like those old long form hand -written we (okay me and a small bunch of people who like to write) used to write to our family members.

As I grew up in South Africa one always heard about the trouble in the Middle East and about the West Bank and the Palestinians and the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and the Mossad...and the odd camel or two. Oh, and also that Israel is 100% a desert!

Now that I am living here in Israel myself I want to share life about a country that is not JUST about politics. Yes, I know it can be difficult NOT to talk about politics in Israel and I sometimes do write about it. The main focus of this blog however will be about anything except politics.

This is a cool country with cool people (Arabs, Jews, Druze, and the Bedoiun and more) doing interesting stuff and I hope that you enjoy reading my posts and experience a different Israel than the one you see on CNN.

No camels at all then..?!

If you ask nicely, I will look for a story about a camel, though I personally have only met one in all the years I have been living here.

Cookies that are not baked

As per European law we should also warn our blog readers that cookies are being used on this blog. Not the oven baked ones I make :) but the tracking cookies used by Google which are apparently used on all Blogger blogs. So  please consider yourselves informed that cookies are used to personalize content and ads to provide social media features and to analyse traffic. Information about your use with this site is shared to Google Adsense and Google Analystics.

Affiliate links

I like to share links to anything interesting that I think you might also find interesting. Sometimes these will be affiliate links to help me pay for my blog hosting..but I believe in full disclosure and will mention it whenever it is an affiliate link.

Peace...or as we say in this area of the woods

Marina Shemesh


  1. Dear Marina,

    I just enjoyed your writings on the almond trees. A while back I did some writing of my own, you may like as well.

    I'd like to ask you a question. Do you know if the almond trees are already budding in Israel....are you able to see them firsthand?
    I'd like to write a new piece on the blossoming and its prophetic meaning in Scripture tied to the return of the Lord Jesus and hope to be able to be timely as well.

    Thank you for considering.

    Many blessings,


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