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Would YOU Sit on this Couch?

A very odd couch Awhile ago, while shopping for jeans for for my husband, I came across this very strange couch. The shop does indeed sell jeans, so I guess that the couch fits in with the theme of the place...but still, it is quite odd, is it not?

The Schnitzel Toaster by Marina ShemesH

Kobako Any visitor to Israel quickly realizes that felafel and schwarma may be the national food, but schnitzel is served EVERYWHERE. You will eat it in hotels, restaurants, friends' homes, coffee shops and take-aways. Just about anywhere food is served. My children and husband love schnitzel (and me too, I must admit). But only the home-made kind! :)

The South African and the Sarcophagi

The South African and the Sarcophagi by Marina ShemesH If you think that there is nothing in common between South Africa and sarcophagi you might just be right. Sarcophagi, the plural for sarcophagus, are ancient burial boxes that were not buried underground but usually put in a cave or a pyramid. They are often beautifully designed with all kinds of symbols and things that were thought to be cool when the person inside the sarcophagus died.

The Blasting Taps

The Blasting Taps  by  Marina ShemesH   Water tap on the Ya'ala Mountain Israel is a hot country (except for ten days in the winter!) and children from kinder garden age are taught: If you go out, bring a hat and a water bottle. All the parks and public spaces have a water cooler. You will even find a water cooler, with disposable cups, in banks, medical centers and libraries for the use of the patrons.

The Soreq cave near Beit Shemesh, Israel

An Unexpected Surprise near Beit Shemesh  by  Marina Shemesh I have been living for more than ten years in Israel and thought that I know this little country pretty much inside out. A recent trip to the southern part of the country showed me however that there are quite a few places still left to explore. I shall write about my experiences in the south in some coming blog posts but today I want to tell you about a place I never knew even existed - the Soreq stalactite cave just outside Beit Shemesh in the Judean hills.

Handy Pants

Have you ever thought of using your pants  for something else. Except for covering your, er.. how to put this  delicately? Hmm, except for covering your lower abdomen? You might not know this, but your pants can be a VERY useful water bottle holder! Please view photo A as proof - just in case you thought that it is impossible. :) I took this photo at the beach at Haifa. don't tell me this is not innovative! Tweet

Orange Cake

Copyright I  used to work as a kindergarten teacher in Israel as a new immigrant. Just like any kindergarten over the world we would work around some kind of subject. Sometimes we talk about the Jewish holidays but also have subjects like the seasons of the year, colors or the family. One of the major subjects of winter is...maybe you have guessed it? Israel, Jaffa...those fruit you eat in the winter? That's right...ORANGES! During the winter we celebrate oranges, anything to do with oranges and many other citrus fruit too. (Pensioners for example are addicted to grape fruit juice, here. Don't ask me why!?). And every second person in Israel is either peeling himself an orange, drinking orange juice or eating orange cake during the orange season. And of course the young'uns need to be brainwashed properly, so we talk A LOT about oranges in the kindergarten. To show their parents that we have done a good job, we send