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Israeli Beaches in the Winter

What do you do in Israel on a nice sunny winter's day?

You go to the beach of course!
  • The water may be too cold to swim in. (Except for a few brave souls whom I suspect of being former Russian immigrants :))
  • And the lifeguards' huts are all boarded up.
  • No umbrellas cover the beach cheek by jowl.
  • And the smell of coconut suntan lotion is absent...

But still the sea is as beautiful as ever. Even more than in the summer I think. There is just something about the cold crispy air that makes the sea bluer than blue.

In the winter the city beaches are as vibrant and packed with people as in the summer. But instead of lying on the beach and eating ice cream or sunflowers seeds, the Israelis are strolling on the promenades eating ice cream and sunflowers seeds.

In the summer this beach would be packed with people

The 'wild' beaches are the best though. The campers have all packed up, the rubbish is finally all picked up and you basically have the beach to yourself. During the weekend you might have to share it with a few joggers or kite-surfers though.

Kite-surfers getting ready the 'fly'.

But go to a wild beach in the winter in the middle of the week and you might just get the feeling that you are stranded on a deserted island.

In this tiny, busy and compact country called Israel that can be quite an exhilarating feeling.

Just me and my footprints.


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